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Arthur (Art) Behal is the Founder and Owner of Contingency, LLC.

During hiscareer with Verizon, Art performed Business Continuity Planning (BCP) for a wide variety of natural and man-made business disruptions including weather-related incidents, building emergencies, police activity, strikes, and demonstrations. Strategies for dealing with these disruptions ranged from increased stakeholder awareness to the implementation of plans to move the people and the work to alternate locations. Art has used the lessons learned from the activation of those plans to refine and expand those plans to more effectively address an even wider variety of events.

Arthur Behal

Art has taken part in numerous events in which a BCP was activated, including floods, wildfires, snowstorms, and hurricanes (Weather); loss of power and communication, active shooter alerts, and hazardous material conditions (Building emergencies); inaugurations, presidential visits, political conventions, and other National Special Security Events (Police activity); and union walkouts, picket lines, and rallies (Strikes and demonstrations).  Among the largest events were four labor walkouts against a major East coast telecommunications provider involving more than 35,000 striking workers across as many as a dozen states.

In addition to the activations mentioned above, as part of the BCP process, Art conducted and participated in exercises designed to test the performance of the plans. Some of those tests were tabletop and conference call, while others were simulations. The tests allowed multiple departments (Human Resources, Real Estate, Operations, Legal, Labor, IT) to interact with each other and uncover disconnects, duplications, and shortcomings before an actual disruption occurred. Following the tests and activations, participating groups reviewed lessons learned and recommended revisions of the BCP in consultation with other stakeholder management at all levels.

In addition to his work in BCP, Art conducted hundreds of internal security investigations of alleged employee and vendor misconduct. Allegations included workplace violence, assault, harassment, theft, misuse of worktime, substance abuse, absence and benefits fraud, misuse of company network and email systems, falsification of records, sabotage and vandalism, and ethics violations. Investigations encompassed the collection of evidence and records, observation and surveillance, and interviews with complainants, witnesses, and subjects. Art thoroughly documented all investigations. If the investigation substantiated the allegation, Art drafted a formal report of the incident including the background, findings, evidence, conclusions, and the subject’s response and sent those reports to stakeholder departments for review and disposition. Art also acted as a liaison with law enforcement and testified in court cases and administrative hearings.

Before becoming a Senior Investigator, Art worked in capital budgeting helping numerous departments formulate their annual capital budget requirements for the year to come. Art then reviewed their spending requests to ensure compliance with corporate guidelines and tracked the capital expenditures for each department throughout the year to ensure expenditures remained within budget. Prior to his work in capital budgeting, Art worked as Certified Internal Auditor reviewing controls on company processes.

Art began his working career as Chief Engineer of AM & FM radio stations in New York and New England.

Art received a Bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Hofstra University. He is proficient in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.