Keeping disruptions from becoming disasters

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Contingency, LLC will coach your organization through the process of developing a Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

Contingency, LLC offers multiple services to provide your organization an effective BCP and to ensure your plan will function as intended and desired during an activation.

Risk assessment: Contingency, LLC offers a risk assessment. We review a multitude of threats and, with your input, identify the threats that pose the potentially greatest risks to your organization’s continued survival.

BCP development: Once the risks are identified, Contingency, LLC performs a Business Impact Analysis to determine the financial impacts to the organization. We then develop a BCP for each risk so that each plan makes business sense.

BCP review: If your organization already has a BCP, Contingency, LLC will review the plan to confirm the plan addresses the appropriate risks and provides sufficient detail to allow your organization to respond effectively. Contingency, LLC will also serve as your reminder to review your BCP from time to time.

BCP testing: Contingency, LLC can design test scenarios for your BCP. We can construct tabletop exercises to see how your departments respond to disruptions and additional information injected into the scenario. Contingency, LLC can also design full-scale simulations to test how well your recovery plans actually perform. The purpose of testing is not to show off how well things work; it is to uncover shortcomings in your plans before you really need them. Contingency, LLC will also serve as your reminder to test your BCP from time to time.

BCP revision: Following any reviews or tests, Contingency, LLC will recommend revisions to your BCP to address shortcomings and any unexpected consequences.

BCP enhancement: Over time, as your organization becomes more proficient at activating its BCP, Contingency, LLC will help you identify less likely and/or less serious risks and expand your BCP to encompass those situations. Examples include Active shooter and Shelter-in-place plans.