The Process

The Process 2017-12-19T16:59:41+00:00

Developing a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a multiple-step process.

Phase 1 – Identify Critical functions/locations and Assess risks.

1a.   Your organization should identify a Business Continuity Champion/Coordinator with direct access to the CEO. This person, who can be a current employee, will be Contingency, LLC’s point of contact for this planning process. He /she should be authorized to commit resources to the process, will coordinate planning work within the organization, and will advocate on behalf of the planning process to the organization’s senior leadership.

1b.   Identify critical functions and critical locations, those whose loss would cause significant or catastrophic negative impacts to your organization.

1c.   Identify the threats and risks applicable to each critical function and location.

Contingency, LLC will help your organization identify its threats and risks, many of which you might not have considered. Then, working with your organization’s business leaders, Contingency, LLC will help your organization identify those risks with the greatest likelihood of occurrence and most severe negative impacts to your business.

Phase 2 – Perform Business Impact Analysis.

For each critical process and location, Contingency, LLC will help your organization establish Recovery Point Objectives (The number of minutes/hours/days of data your business can afford to lose) and Restore Time Objectives (How long it will take your business to get back up and running) based on the requirements of your individual business. Then we will calculate the resources required to meet those objectives.

Phase 3 – Create the plans.

Working with your organization’s Subject Matter Experts, Contingency, LLC will help your business create step-by-step action plans to address the disruption. Plans encompass notifications and identification of an emergency, declaration of plan activation, implementation of the plan, confirmation of the successful implementation, and the return to business as usual operation.

Phase 4 – Review and test the plans.

Contingency, LLC will review your organization’s plans and will devise and facilitate a tabletop exercise with your business leaders to test the plans and identify weaknesses in the plans. Contingency, LLC and the organization will then revise the plans to address the weaknesses.

Phase 5 – Test the revised plans.

Contingency, LLC will facilitate an actual test of the plans. The test will involve your organization’s business units and will include notifications as well as physical and logical relocations of operations and services per your plans to ensure proper function. The test will assess the sustainability of physical locations and infrastructure. Contingency, LLC and your organization will then revise the plans to address the failures and weaknesses.

Phase 6 – Identify lesser threats to the business.

Once plans for the most significant threats have been tested and refined, Contingency, LLC will help your organization develop plans for less likely but still potentially devastating threats.